Summertime Render – 06

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「軌道共鳴」 (Kidō Kyoumei)
“Orbital Resonance”

It sounds a spot unusual to accidental astir a bid similar Summertime Render. But a amusement similar this, if it’s going to work, has to beryllium smart. I get that this is connected immoderate level a pulp thriller, and those thin to beryllium astir doing comparatively elemental things truly well. But due to the fact that of however ambitiously the mangaka Tanaka Yasuki is constructing the story, immoderate cracks successful the logic person the imaginable to go structurally catastrophic. While I respect that ambition, it’s a large gamble, due to the fact that not each writer has the chops to propulsion it off. But truthful far, truthful good.

Anime is littered with the Icarus and Phaeton-like corpses of bid whose scope exceeded their grasp. And portion I’ll interest that Summertime Render could beryllium “another” close up until the credits connected the last occurrence scroll, that’s not based connected existent evidence. Every uncover truthful acold had made sense, and portion I can’t recognition Watanabe Ayumu for that (though there’s a batch successful these archetypal six episodes you can), it’s reassuring that a manager of his caliber saw capable successful this worldly to instrumentality it on.

The absorption – for the archetypal clip to this grade – shifts disconnected of Shinpei here, to “Nagumo Ryunosuke”. Except we present cognize her sanction is Minakata Hizuru. Nagumo is surely her pen name, astir apt her change ego, but seemingly not a full-on divided personality. She knew Alan and his daughters earlier leaving the land 14 years earlier – a departure seemingly prompted by the death of the idiosyncratic whose sanction she adopted. Was Ryunosuke her brother, oregon conscionable her friend? Either mode helium died, successful circumstances Alan feels are akin to what happened with Ushio, and she near the land without sharing her interaction info adjacent with her closest friend.

What brought Hizuru backmost was not Ushio’s decease – she didn’t find retired until she arrived. Someone tipped her disconnected that the shadows were rising, and it seems precise apt that was Nezu. She gives him her spare compartment telephone and gives Alan a coded message connected however to telephone it – a connection Shinpei decodes based connected his cognition of her novels. She pops successful astatine the funeral, wherever she’s recognized by Karakiri Masahito (Konishi Katsuyuki). There’s besides a run-in with the doc from the shadiness clinic, Hishikata Seidou (Ohtsuka Akio – immoderate superior prima powerfulness joining the formed this week). Yes, that is the aforesaid surname arsenic Sou and Tokiko – particularly ominous fixed Tokiko’s suspicious behaviour past week.

Hizuru besides takes the clip to prevention Alan from his shadiness – who was astir to disconnected him successful his toilet stall (the Tywin Lannister exit plan). In the process she shows america a pretty chill mode to destruct shadows. Hizuru mostly comes disconnected arsenic rather a amusive and unusual character, with her sledgehammer-in-a-suitcase and her emotion of hanging upside down similar a bat (or a ninja I suppose). She’ll marque rather an state for Shin, who needs each the assistance helium tin get. He’s doing his level champion to marque usage of each the info helium brought backmost with him (see, those weren’t conscionable panty shots – they were plot-relevant!), but the archetypal happening helium does erstwhile helium yet gets to Hizuru is inquire for her autograph.

That gathering betwixt Hizuru and Shin (and Nezu), acceptable astatine an abandoned subject base, is simply a superb spot of absorption by Watanabe-sensei. This occurrence is loaded with large Watanabe moments, similar the ant tipping Shin disconnected that each of the Kobayakawa were already shadows (it astir apt happened that mode successful the manga, but it’s conscionable truthful cleverly staged here). Shin is truthful relieved to yet person idiosyncratic who understands his concern that he’s moved to tears – indeed, it seems arsenic if this is the opening of the existent counterattack. But it’s besides Episode 6 (of 25), truthful it’s a beauteous harmless stake things are going to spell ass implicit teakettle for our leader a fewer much times astatine least.


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