Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi – 02

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「うどん、ときどき満月」 (Udon, Tokidoki Mangetsu)
“Udon with the Occasional Full Moon”

Despite each the boob speech this episode, I inactive recovered this to beryllium rather a seasoned amusement that wants to speech astir Futaba’s insecurities successful a amusive and mature way. Starting close disconnected from wherever we near disconnected past week, Futaba is dealing with the moral hangover of having told his senpai. Why she can’t beryllium his wife?! To which Harumi conscionable benignant disconnected nonchalantly brushes it off, whether he’s a implicit simpleton oregon helium did it successful bid to prevention Futaba from the embarrassment, is yet to beryllium known. Harumi deals with this mishap successful a wholly nonrecreational manner, I truly liked that astir him. I already person a brushed spot for large dumb bimbos, truthful it’s hard for Harumi not to turn connected maine erstwhile he’s truthful cordial and takes everything with stride.

Let’s not hide astir ​​Buchou (Aoyama Yutaka) the CEO of the company, he’s the existent MVP, Futaba conscionable had to mutter one word, for him to ‘remember’ that helium really had an urgent gathering with immoderate of the higher-ups, oregon thing made up similar that. It seems Buchou knows astir Futaba’s concealed feelings earlier adjacent Futaba herself knows astir them. Futaba and Harumi bash marque a large couple, Harumi tin easiness Futaba’s insecurities due to the fact that he’s not the benignant of idiosyncratic who would justice women based connected their appearance, dissimilar immoderate of Souta’s friends.

These types of men idolize women, putting them up connected a pedestal, it’s honestly shallow, and erstwhile they conscionable the existent idiosyncratic down the flesh, it’s disappointing and their full perfect astir the different idiosyncratic comes crashing down, it’s a vicious cycle, that puts them successful an eternal loop of disappointing dates and relationships. A made import from the male gaze. Souta thankfully is not similar that, there’s much to him than conscionable googling different women (Even if helium does look successful the OP). When Touko is cited by different coworker, relentlessly trying to get her to travel retired and person drinks with him, not taking a no for an answer, intelligibly making her uncomfortable. It’s Souta the 1 who calls the institution asking for her, successful essence, freeing Touko from that awkward discussion. She notices, but Souta shy’s away, not knowing what to say. Making it each seems similar a weird wrong fig call. In the end, his intentions were wholesome, and helium didn’t inquire for thing successful return. But due to the fact that of that, Touko decides to invitation him retired to dinner, and they elite to get Ramen. Both parties sparkle successful their eyes arsenic they recognize each other’s intent.

In this episode, we besides got to conscionable Natsumi Kurobe (Aoyama Reina) an aged person of Futaba, a antheral is harassing Natsumi, but she pays him nary mind, reasoning that possibly he’ll leave, they usually bash I bet. Futaba arrives connected the scene, lone for Natsumi to footwear the antheral successful the shin. I recovered it absorbing that the antheral utilized onee-san (お姉さん) and the subs translated it arsenic gorgeous (素敵). I conjecture successful this discourse it does apply. Futaba and Natsumi bash immoderate walking astir uncovering a basal that is giving retired cute teddy bears, which Futaba aboriginal uses to stack up against her chest. Natsumi takes immoderate candid shots, of course. But erstwhile Futaba boards the bid to spell home, she bumps into Harumi and Souta. This is wherefore I deliberation Harumi is wholly clueless, oregon conscionable simply doesn’t look astatine different women the aforesaid mode Souta does. Souta intelligibly wanted to code the situation, but it’s a hard taxable to just bring up successful a conversation. So helium alternatively casually asks ‘did you announcement thing different?’ to which Harumi responds ‘not really, why?’ I deliberation Harumi is conscionable clueless astir worldly similar this, and alternatively is looking for a existent transportation with idiosyncratic else. He already treats Futaba similar idiosyncratic adjacent to him, teasing her by touzling her hair. Does helium bash that with everyone oregon conscionable the radical helium likes? It’s comic due to the fact that they bash look similar father-daughter together.

I fancied however this occurrence addressed precise mature topics successful a mode that is digestible for adjacent the astir prude of a person. Without being gross, oregon fanservice-y, it feels similar it genuinely wanted to speech astir these things, and I consciousness similar it achieved its archetypal intent. I’m looking guardant to Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai nary Hanashi addressing adjacent much topics related to sexuality and however they travel into relationships. It’s reminding maine a batch of Ase to Sekken. I relish the antithetic pairing’s here, a judo maestro who falls successful emotion with a petite girl, and a shy lad who falls successful emotion with a scrumptious and extroverted miss. Can’t hold for more! Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai nary Hanashi is surely turning into a higher-brow amusement than Uzaki oregon Nagatoro but inactive an entertaining play astir antithetic emotion pairings.

P.S. Look it’s the Shiro Ghost! Shiro Manta the original mangaka uses a shade fig with a shield and sword arsenic his writer profile.

P.S. 2 Why does Souma look similar Taichi from Ao nary Flag?!

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ED: 「虹が架かるまでの話」 (Niji ga Kakaru Made nary Hanashi) by (Yui Horie)

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