New Promo Video, Visual and Characters Revealed for "The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt", Starting in Winter 2022!

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Natra Kingdom is a puny nation threatened by hegemonic nation-states. At a young age, Prince Wein has to bear the weight of the nation’s future on his shoulders. With the support of his aide, Ninym, he begins to demonstrate remarkable skills utilizing his talents.

But his nation is in shambles!

There’s neither the money to reform domestic policies, nor the military strength to steal resources from neighbors. And all the decent talented people have left for other countries.

“I just wanna sell this kingdom and escape my responsibilities…”

Wein simply wants to lead a quiet, comfortable, and leisurely life. If he can just entice a large nation and sell his kingdom to it, he should be able to have the life he dreams of. However, both his diplomatic and military undertakings yield unexpected results! With his wisdom and quick thinking, Wein stuns the world.

The story of how the genius prince raises his nation out of debt begins!

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